Pumpkinteeth were invented for pumpkins. But thanks to many FX artists we have found they work amazingly for Any FX project that needs Fangs or Claws. Props, Dolls, Stuffed animals, etc. They come in Fangs, Buck teeth, bright white and Glow in the Dark. Do not be fooled by knock off Pumpkinteeth that come in a Blister pack for more money just for the packaging.

​Website:  www.buypumpkinteeth.com

​Phone: 608-824-0765

Email: pumpkin.teeth@yahoo.com

Vendor Product Types: Character Design: Teeth & Nails, Haunt Add-ons: Novelty, Makeup: Prosthetics/Makeup Appliances, Prop Making: Materials, Prop Making: Sculpting

The Original Pumpkinteeth