Back in 2003, FrightProps began as a labor of love. Now, over 15 years later, we've grown to become the #1 online source for serious haunters, builders and scare-makers around the globe!

VFX is a leader in queue line entertainment for haunt attractions, theme parks, family entertainment centers, zoos, safari parks, laser tag arenas and so much more! 

 We do everything from giant costumes, my pet zombies, photo ops, sound effects, actormatronics, barrel toppers, handheld weapons, and more.

At JMMD we create and produce live entertainment shows, experiences, and custom music for the attractions and leisure industry. Offering creative solutions for Concept Development, Design, & Production Install. Let's Create!

​Providing world class custom sound effects, music, ambient soundscapes and other audio creation services to the entertainment industry. Offering a custom sound design service and full line of theme based sound libraries and ringtones.

 The goal of ETG is to create impressive, low-maintenance effects that bring your attraction to life and repeatedly WOW your customers.

Music Gateway

We license music for film, TV, games and advertising as a worldwide trusted sync licensing agent.

SyncSix Prop Controllers offer a new and affordable way to control props and effects for your haunted attraction!

Escape Room Videos is your one-stop for all your media needs. We produce all manner of video/audio productions and can work within your budget. We are a small team of haunt/horror lovers with over 20 years of experience shooting cinematic media.

Forgotten Yard Productions creates high quality animatronics for Haunted Houses and Theme Parks. Each of our animations include a high powered audio set up with their own sound design made in house.

Haunt music pioneers and premiere purveyors of dark instrumental music for the haunted attraction and amusement park industries since 1998. Dark, orchestral, instrumental music blended with sound effects designed to intensify your guests' experience. Perfect for queue lines and in-haunt use.

Sound Effects

Add the right sounds to immerse your customers into the scene!

We strive to produce high-quality products that are to die for

Robot Monkey Lab, Inc. brings you some of the most awesome sound systems on the market!!! From the Puppet Master Sound System™ and the Minion FX System™ to the amazing Voice Shifter™

Poison Props works year round to deliver custom and build-to-order quality props. Their props are built to scare and built to last. 

From Pneumatic Props to Animated Props, and everything in between - Halloween FX has what you need. We carry over 9,000 items, including decor, lighting, Escape Room Props, latex props and more. We also specialize in making Custom Halloween Props. Just describe your idea and we will make it happen!