Wolfe manufactures our famous Wolfefx hydrocolor makeup products, movie quality Dental Distortions teeth, mask teeth, teeth paint, and over 100 products for retail sales

From Pneumatic Props to Animated Props, and everything in between - Halloween FX has what you need. We carry over 9,000 items, including decor, lighting, Escape Room Props, latex props and more. We also specialize in making Custom Halloween Props. Just describe your idea and we will make it happen!

We offer custom fabrication, design, installation with exterior environments. With over 30 years of experience working on huge budget Hollywood movies and television shows, we offer much more than your traditional fabrication companies. 

FX Warehouse supplies clays , sculpting tools, mold making materials as well as makeup brands Ben Nye, Kryolan, Graftobian, ADMtronics, Cinema Secrets and More! As well as our own foam latex prosthetics. W.E.D and Monster Makeup clays and foam latex kits. Discounts available for pro makeup artists and haunts.

Pumpkinteeth were invented for pumpkins. But thanks to many FX artists we have found they work amazingly for Any FX project that needs Fangs or Claws. Props, Dolls, Stuffed animals, etc. They come in Fangs, Buck teeth, bright white and Glow in the Dark.

Asylum Props is an expert in making unique and custom SPFX for the Haunted House industry, movie industry, and for cosplay.

Prop/Mask Making Materials

Whether it's Foam, Latex, Plaster, Silicone or PVC.

These companies will help you build your nightmares

Black Lagoon Supply Co. specializes in special FX makeup products, such as, mask latex, cosmetic liquid latex, prosthetic adhesives, and other production in the special FX makeup industry. 

Back in 2003, FrightProps began as a labor of love. Now, over 15 years later, we've grown to become the #1 online source for serious haunters, builders and scare-makers around the globe!

Specialty PVC fittings, animation hardware, animated and static prop kits, motorized prop mechanisms.

Our products add the final touches to your sets. They will transform an ordinary wall panel into scenes such as a laboratory, morgue, mansion, elevator, or anything your imagination can think up. 

"What is BITY", you ask? BITY stands for "Brick in the yard". Brick In The Yard is a name that harkens back to 1995. BITY is now a supplier of fine Urethane & Silicone Rubbers, Casting Resins, Clays, Plaster, Patinas, Alginates and more.

Handmade props and prop making items. Unique creations that won't be found anywhere else. Each item is hand made by me so no 2 will be exactly the same. 

Looking for new ideas for haunt attractions? Retroagogo.com is a great resource for vintage inspired large format wall décor. Think Ben Cooper Vintage Masks on steroids!