The Orlando Pulse tragedy and hateful comments made about it in the haunt community sparked the genesis of Haunters Against Hate.

What started out as a simple statement has evolved into a non-profit corporation that
gives haunters a voice to express themselves and the challenges they face in life and in the haunt community. In this climate where there is so much hatred and distrust, Haunters Against Hate is there to listen to our fellow haunters and always have a positive and encouraging word  or helping hand when needed.

Now, Haunters Against Hate is putting together this special weekend event, which combines a horror and haunt con with an LGBTQ festival to celebrate pride, horror and scaring, with the ultimate goal to make everyone feel accepted and welcome, whether being LGBTQ or an ally and to give back to the community by donating the profits (after expenses) to various LGBTQ youth organizations.



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HAH: The Event


July 30th - August 1st

Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport
Expo Center
830 Phillips Lane 

Louisville, KY 40209