At JMMD we create and produce live entertainment shows, experiences, and custom music for the attractions and leisure industry. Offering creative solutions for Concept Development, Design, & Production Install. Let's Create!

Guest/Sideshow Performers

Book that perfect guest performer to wow your audience while they wait!

What is The Vampire Circus Show? A full adrenaline and comedy show.  A spirited journey through an abandoned cemetery

where an extraordinary circus

comes back to life.

Established in 2014, M.A.U.L has become the Midwest’s premier traveling haunt actor service. We feature seasoned, reliable actors specializing in queue line entertainment with original head-to-toe characters.

Thanatos Productions LLC is a one stop e-shop for all your spooky needs.

A Monster shoppe for everything horror, home decor, voo doo dolls, jewelry, movie replicas Monsters. We also do creepy crafting nights, witch crafting nights, private parties, tarot readings