Spectral Illusions has over 2 dozen stock video effects for use in Haunts and Attractions and create custom effects and projection mapping for customers World Wide. We also create Virtual Reality experiences for use on the HTC Vive and Oculus systems that are available for licensing for location based use. 

Dark Labyrinth Entertainment is the only company that creates fully immersive 3D Audio Sensory Experiences that prey on your imagination and heighten your senses. 

FEAR APP is an incredible augmented reality technology developed specifically for the haunt industry. Available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, FEAR APP creates an entirely new dimension of terror using what 2.5 billion people already have in their pocket

Haunt Guru is a technology, construction and deployment company serving the haunted house community. We strive to create the latest cutting edge haunt tech and special effects to help your haunt stay competitive in an ever changing market.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Virtual Scaring!

Go Ghost Hunting is an augmented reality game where players use their phones or tablets to hunt and capture virtual ghosts throughout a host location.