- Justin

Justin is the Creative Director and an actor at Haunted Hills Hospital in Northwest Indiana.

- Stefen

Stefen is the Marketing Director and an actor at Haunted Hills Hospital in Northwest Indiana. When he's not being a Haunter, he sells Real Estate.

About Haunt Pages

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website. We decided to create this page because we felt that one thing that was missing from the Haunt Industry was the ability to easily connect with the hundreds of Haunt vendors big and small. While many of us travel to conventions and tradeshows to learn and get to meet the amazing artists that allow us to make our nightmares a reality, once the show is over, we may lose touch with those companies that we were really interested in. Also, many of us can not afford to go to all of the conventions or none at all due to money or time constraints. Which means we may miss out on vendors that do not promote in our areas. It seems like daily, we hear people asking on Haunters Hangout where the best place to go to find something for their next great project is. So we have built this site for you.

We have also created this site for the vendors. we hope to be able to help you connect with more customers than ever before. We also hope to help those smaller companies that are just starting out to showcase their work as well. While there is pay for advertising available for those that choose, this site is free to all vendors that want to promote themselves.

We hope this site is beneficial to all those that use it. Think of this as a tradeshow you can visit everyday rather then just once a year.

- Stefen & Justin