Haunt Collective is a group of free thinking individuals that have bonded together over one common theme....Halloween!  Our team is comprised of all the major aspects of the haunted attraction industry.  We are here to SHOWCASE, SHARE, and INSPIRE.

A concept Art, attraction and set design, speciality prop, prosthetic & special make up, creature and character design, model and Props making company.

Providing stilt costumes, floor costumes, masks, make up, haunt design, actor training and consulting for the dark attraction industry.

​We make creepy hand made props for your attractions, also provide services for haunted attractions, Actor training, makeup training, costuming, set detailing, management training. 

Zombie Army Productions is a consortium of businesses that brings the highest production quality to the darkest events. 

A design and consulting firm specializing in themed attractions for over 40 years.

Consulting Services (How to Build a Haunted House)

The following companies can help you with attraction design, project management, business planning, code compliance and safety as well as drawing permits