Aisle 13

"Aisle 13" at Pittsburgh Poster produces PsychoScenes and PsychoSets™ (printed backdrops, sets and rooms for Haunts, Escape Rooms, Paintball and Laser Tag). We set theatrical scenes for any subject. All of our products are Flame Retardant. Our Xtreme GlowFlex™ Outdoor Billboard Posters and Banners are the brightest on this planet. Our 3D illusions are beyond belief. From our Dot Room/Costume illusion to huge Twilight Zone HypnoScopes (47" in diameter); Gizmos (ceiling to floor rolling scrolls); PsychoPaths™ (3D Floor Graphics) include walk on fire and water. Pits of Peril; Windows of Terror; Invisible to Visible illusions. Our collection of Phobias goes beyond imagination. What do you fear? Clown Alley, Dolls of Dread; Zombies; Burning Witches; Satan's own Devils; Lightning Strikes; Snakes; Sharks; Bees; the list goes on. Newest of our PsychoProducts™ are Severed Head Photo Ops. These are designed to be custom imprinted for Que (Line) Selfie Photo Entertainment. 


​Phone: 724-266-4826


Vendor Product Types:  LightingPhoto Ops , Startle FX, Wall Decor, Wall Panels