Providing stilt costumes, floor costumes, masks, make up, haunt design, actor training and consulting for the dark attraction industry.

VFX creates amazing queue entertainment products that can be used to promote your attraction too! 

Actor Driven

​​Whether it's giant creature that bite your guests, or actor activated animations, these props add a unique wow factor to any attraction!

We’re creating props for haunters, by haunters.

Home of the Zombie Zapper Shock Stick

We sell a range of haunted attraction products ! From air cannons to actor blood, animatronics and realistic chainsaw blades that attach to your chainsaw! 

Arcane Concepts is a small company that makes custom latex masks for collectors and haunt actors. We also make props and makeup effects for haunts, photo shoots, and short films. 

 Family owned and operated.            Focused on making unique pieces for your enjoyment.

For haunter seeking the latest, most popular & quality Haunted House props on the market.

 We do everything from giant costumes, my pet zombies, photo ops, sound effects, actormatronics, barrel toppers, handheld weapons, and more.

Back in 2003, FrightProps began as a labor of love. Now, over 15 years later, we've grown to become the #1 online source for serious haunters, builders and scare-makers around the globe!